George Clinton to Play the British Library

George Clinton is set to make a special appearance at an exhibition in the British Library

At his height, George Clinton was simply an incomparable talent. The songwriter mixed funk with science fiction, throwing a street-wise glimpse of life into the mixture. Now the Parliament / Funkadelic legend is due to perform in the British Library.

One of the most important cultural institutions in the country, the British Library is planning a new season devoted to science fiction. Exploring how the ideas of novelists influenced actual scientific progress, the British Library has co-ordinated a series of events.

Having once flown down onto the stage in a flying saucer, George Clinton’s sci-fi fantasies are the stuff of music legend. Invited to give a talk in the British Library, the show will undoubtedly one of the more unusual events housed by the building this year.

“The afrofuturistic imagination reached fantastical heights in the lavish science fiction inspired stage shows, costumes and concept albums of US funk acts Parliament and Labelle,” a press release from the British Library explains (via FACT).

“George Clinton, whose P-funk mythology turned his whole band into characters from a wild space opera comes to the British Library to talk about all things galactic in his career”.

Titled ‘Space Children’ the exhibition is set to have a musical theme. Continuing, the statement announced two more contributing artists: “He shares the event with Nona Hendryx from Labelle, whose concerts and extraordinary styling in the mid-1970s had to be seen to be believed.”

“A multimedia journey into this thrilling world, that also features special film of their heiress Janelle Monae, ‘the ArchAndroid’, and one of the most exciting performers to have emerged in recent years.”

For full ticket information click HERE.

George Clinton is due to give a talk in the British Library on June 18th.

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