Funk Icon Sly Stone Skips Court Date Due To Heart Issues


Funk legend Sly Stone was forced to skip a court hearing on Friday (10Jun11) after he was hospitalised with heart problems.


The reclusive Sly and the Family Stone frontman is facing a charge of cocaine possession stemming from an arrest in April (11). Stone was a passenger in a pal’s car when police pulled them over for a minor traffic violation. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up the illegal substance.


The veteran singer, real name Sylvester Stewart, was due to appear before a Los Angeles judge to answer the count on Friday morning, but his lawyer James Silverstein turned up without Stone and explained his client had been taken ill.


The judge postponed the hearing and ordered the 68 year old to return to court on Wednesday (14Jun11). However, Silverstein is confident Stone will not face prosecution because he is adamant the drug was not his. He tells, “The evidence is clear that the vehicle was not his. I believe that this case his highly defensible, and Stewart should never had charges filed against him.


“We firmly believe the DA (District Attorney) will lose this case at trial without us having to put on one witness.”

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