Sly Stone is NOT Homeless!

After recent reports of Sly Stone being homeless swept through the internet, it is relieving to hear an update on the legendary eccentric. It seems that Sly, 68, who ran into some trouble over crack rock allegations this summer (he contested not guilty), actually prefers to live in a more transitory residence, his van, while he has his lawyer shack up at his mansion. After receiving so much public attention for the New York Post’s initial report on his living situation, Sly has gone on video saying he’s willing to go to rehab. That is, he’s willing to park outside a rehab facility and continue to do whatever the funk he wants inside his van. At least it’s a few steps closer to the door. Sooner or later he’ll need to come in and use the restroom!

Source: Sly Stone Not Homeless, He’s Just Not Living In His House, Says Friend

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