T-Boz of TLC Trumps Brain Tumor

T-Boz, or Tionne Watkins of the best selling female group of the ’90s, TLC, appeared on CNN to open up about recent speculations of the star’s condition being challenged. T-Boz admitted that after experiencing many traumas in the last decade, the lead singer of TLC had at one point felt like she would stop singing, due to the immense grief and stress of losing her best friend Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez and divorcing from her husband. About five years ago, the smokey-voiced artist began suffering from frequent and severe headaches. Tionne knew something was wrong. She investigated the problem with her doctor, and soon received a call that anyone would dread. She was told she had a brain tumor, and that it was not possible to operate. Fortunately, after researching for a second opinion, she spoke with a doctor who gave her the “gut feeling” to travel to California and attempt the procedure.

Thankfully, today Tionne is free of her cancer.Blessed by the good fortune of a successful surgery (and the surgeon), T-Boz is now optimistic about the future, recording a solo album, and working with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to bring awareness to the need of bone marrow transplants, hoping her involvement will encourage “black people to step up” and help out. See the interview below:

Source: CNN/Youtube

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