NEW JTronius & KLK Beats- KillaTron Mixtape- Free Download!

by Kitty Savage

If you haven’t yet heard of JTronius, you need to get on it, though this sexy collection may be best indulged when you’re getting it on. “The Guvna of the Galaxy” is a smooth-talking, Bootsy-esque, soul-singing rapper and producer whose sound varies from sultry romancing to straight up freaknastiness, and the sound continues to evolve in this aggressive and arresting mixtape made with long-time producer “Killa Kota” KLK Beats. The pair are reigning from Boston and offer this entire 13 track mixtape for free, anticipating the release of JTronius’ solo album.

Free Mixtape: KILLATRON Volume 1

As if the larger than life character is unstoppably creative, he also released an animated video last month called “SpaceCadillacinmyCaliRide” which you can see here:

JTronius is featured on the Saucy Lady “Diversify” album on a smooth remake of Ashford & Simpson’s “Hang On.” The album was released October 7th and is available on iTunes. Here’s her first music video, which Jtronius does a cameo on:

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