Introducing Nigel Hall’s DawilliFilms; Episode 1

Nigel Hall, the soul singer known for fronting several Royal Family Records’ bands including Soulive, Lettuce, Chapter 2, has been getting on board with new projects this year. Along his international tour with Warren Haynes recently, Nigel started using his iPhone to record special highlights of his travels. He has branded the set of short films by the name DawilliFilms, “Dawili” coming from the alias of George Duke upon his stays at hotels on tour. Today we bring you the first official episode of DawiliFilms’ feature on Drum Cam Snippits, featuring funky beat-keeper Terence Higgins. Funk Music News will be bringing you more of these backstage videos as Mr. Hall continues producing them. And with a recent tour wrapped up with John Scofield before jumping on tour with Pimps of Joytime and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, there is plenty to anticipate!!

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