Adventures in LaLa Land: Bootsy Girls’ Mission To Heal & Empower ::FMN Interview::

by Chelcie Sedler

November 15, 2011

The Bootsy Girls are back to funk up the program once again, baba! With their latest songs “La La Land” and “Bootsy Girl World”. Guitar Sallye (Dorsey) and Tamah (Davis) are keepin’ it on the One, while creating a positive image for young women, and staying true to themselves and their fans.  The “Bootsy Girls” is a movement inspired by Bootsy & Patti Collins to help young women to be more confident, to lift their self-esteem, to respect themselves, and to remind you to always be true to yourself and keep a positive outlook on life,and they sure picked the perfect girls for the gig! Gtr Sallye & Tamah are all of that and more, so they make excellent role models for the Bootsy Girls’ crowd.

“Greetings from Gtr Sallye & Tamah/aka Bootsy Girls! When Patti & Bootsy invited us to become a part of the Bootsy Girls Team, we were delighted, as we’ve always had a passion to heal and inspire people, all around the world, thru the “Message In Our Music” This Is How We Do It. The Bootsy Girl Way!”
~Gtr. Sallye & Tamah

Originally born & raised from Hyde Park Chicago, IL the Bootsy Girl sisters were always interested in music, and it was running through their veins. For Sallye, playing the guitar and occasional ukulele is the method in which she uses to make people happy, and the ukulele is something different, and gives her the feeling she is in a mystical land.  Sallye comments:  “It is something different, like playing for kids”. For Tamah, playing her bass (a 1970 Fender Jazz bass) which she refers to as her “baby” she comments: “I enjoy and I am amazed with my ever-flowing relationship with the bass, it just keeps getting better and better, and I learn new things everyday.” They also saw a cartoon on TV called “Josie and the Pussycats” which inspired them to keep moving forward.

Playing the guitar, ukulele, and bass is not where it stops for the Bootsy Girls.  They also dance, and sing! They reply:  “It all started when we were singing in a talent show in Chicago.  We were called the ‘Sisters for the Cause’. Then we met Bootsy & Patti about 20 years ago when we were on tour with Mc Hammer,Backstage, on the Universal Back Lot,at the MTV awards in Hollywood Ca.  And then Bootsy helped our career grow, by sending us over to Europe in 1991 to perform.  That opened up a whole new world for us. The people in Europe embrace us. They gave us the strengh to move forward with our craft of writing music and getting appreciated.”  I asked them more about the singing and dancing.  They commented:  “We have been dancing and singing ever since we were in high school.  We used to stand on the porch and sing and the guitars came later on when we were teenagers, we created a school of music at the YMCA to help stop kids in gangs, which was called the Robert Taylor Youth Foundation. Oprah Winfrey used to go there all the time, and give out turkeys on holidays.

I recently was lucky enough to meet these wonderful gals in person when they were kind enough to fit me in their busy schedule in order to conduct an interview for The Funk Music News. This interview was partly conducted via email and partly in person when I met with Gtr Sallye and Tamah at the Helmsley Hotel in Manhattan.

“It is not only important to be beautiful on the outside, it is much more important on the inside, but I believe in the power of beauty illuminating from the inside to the outside.” ~Soule Power

Chelcie:  What was the most memorable moment for the Bootsy Girls?
Gtr Sallye & Tamah: “When we performed in Dubai and Bahrain (Arabic countries) in 2007.
It was a different culture for us to experience.”
Chelcie: How did you girls feel when you were crowned the Bootsy girls at NAMM this past January.

Gtr Sallye & Tamah:  “Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were already Bootsy Girls, because we share the purpose in life to lift the seft esteem of others, through the message in our music.
Chelcie: Did you girls come up with the “JB Still The Man” song by improvising on stage at the NAMM?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah: We’ve been performing that groove since 1991 around the world – we were playing it and it was called “I need a man”.  We say it is the national anthem for the women who need a man.  Bootsy asked us to play while he did the autographs.  We called it ‘Tiny Funk’, and we told Bootsy ‘Yeah we can play the tiny funk!’ The remake is on Bootsy’s new album ‘Tha Funk Capitol of the World’.
Chelcie: Is that your voices I heard in the background [background vocals] of the JB Still the Man on Funk Capitol album?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah: That is Penny Ford from Germany.  Bootsy went to Europe to get Penny Ford to sing the background vocals, then he recorded with us and Frankie Cash Waddy in Los Angeles (we are the rhythm section of the song), then Bootsy went back to cin. and put Fred Wesley and Razor Sharp.
Chelcie:  If you could describe the Bootsy Girl style of music, what would you call it, and what musicians would you compare yourselves to?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah: Funk with a pop “Organic Soul”, which is a combination of Sly Stone, James Brown, Bootsy Collins, Jimi Hendrix, George Clinton, and Lenny Kravitz.  It’s got that new up to date sound but the soul is there.  We make music that is across the board that everybody can enjoy.  There is always a positive message in our music.  And like Ray Charles, we make a lot of songs to help lift people. In this world today, that is what we need. More music with good lyrics
Chelcie:  What is your favorite Bootsy Collins song?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah:  “Don’t Take My Funk Away” & “JB Still the Man”
Chelcie:  What is your favorite non-Bootsy Funk Song?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah:  Sly and the Family Stone “you can make it if you try ” & “everybody is a star”
Chelcie: Who are some of your biggest musical inspriations?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah: James Brown,Sly and The Family Stone, Jimmy Hendrix, Bootsy Collins,George Clinton, Prince, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Sting, Tina Turner and Chicago
Chelcie:  What are your all time favorite vacation spots?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah:  “Europe! There are so many different cultures there, it’s so diverse You can get on a train and ride the ferry from Sweden to Denmark and go to the beaches.  But our most favorite vacation spot of all time would be France (the French Riveria), where we stayed at Tina Turner’s house!”
Chelcie:  I’m a very big animal lover myself so i have to ask…Do you girls have any pets?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah:  “A pug named Pippen, which was named after the basketball player”.
Chelcie:  Do you have any current events or projects that are soon to come?

Gtr. Sallye & Tamah:
1) “We will be performing live at Agape Spiritual Center, Wednesday, November 16, 2011.(7:00 pm), with Michael Beckwith.
2) We went hiking the other day and we met with an actor, to have a script writer to write a play on our life.  It starts out as a play and becomes a TV show, The “Guitar Sallye and Tamah Network”                                                                                                                                         

 3) We have a up coming tour of Europe and South America coming up next  Spring 2012

4) We have Bootsy Girl dolls coming out soon!! The first one coming out will be called “Peppermint Patti” which was created by Hafessa Nettles.  Then following later on, will be more Bootsy Dolls which will be all nationalities of Bootsy Girls.
Chelcie:  Do you gals have any more words of wisdom you would like to relay?
Gtr. Sallye & Tamah: “Our new slogan is ‘lifting as we climb’ we climb the ladders, and when  we  reach the next step, we inspire as many people especially Bootsy Girls and help them by lifting their spirts their self-esteem.  We keep peace in our soul, enjoy life and spread the message through our music and climb to the top of the universe!”

More FYIs on the Bootsy Girls:
Giving is the foundation of the funk for the Bootsy Girls’.  From making donations, to performing for the American Air Force and Navy, here are some examples of the Bootsy Girls’ generous hearts giving to the needy people all around the world:
* Bootsy Girls are Strong, that is who we are! The Bootsy Collins Foundation sponsored a Bootsy Girl Cheer Clinic (picture above). We would love to have one in your hometown.

* PEPPERMINT PATTI, BOOTSY GIRLS, NONA HENDRYX, at the HHC Funding Celebration for New York City’s Public Hospitals
* Bootsy Girls
Hey check this out, my aunty Patti and uncle Bootsy are taking a stand for dental care.

Bootsy Girls
Appearing Live At Agape Spiritual Center,
Wednesday, November 16, 2011.(6:00 pm meditation, 7:00pm Bootsy Girls), with Michael Beckwith!
If you are in the Los Angeles Area,
Come Celebrate the Love of Life!
Agape Spiritual Center: 5700 Buckingham Park Way Culver City, Ca 90230

Band Aliases from past to present include:
Soul Connections, MotherLove, Robert Taylor Youth Foundation, Nu Family Band, Plus,  Lit Sallye Walker, and Now  (Guitar Sallye & Tamah/aka Bootsy- Girls)
Bootsy Girls on the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour 2007
Los Angeles Sentinel Interview

*Go to the Bootsy Girls Facebook page by searching “Bootsy Girls”.  “Like” their page, to begin to join the fun! There are contests, and winners announced by mailing your quotes in to  – quote winners will be posted to the Bootsy Girls Facebook page!
*Bootsy Girl winners announced! Do you have what it takes to be a Bootsy Girl? E-mail a short essay of 50 words or less to of why you think you are a Bootsy Girl! Bootsy Girl T-Shirts awarded and/or win a ticket to the Bootsy Girl show in your town and be announced Bootsy Girl winner on stage!
Bootsy Girls’ Facebook Page

To purchase a Bootsy Girl Shirt! Click and scroll down until you see the Bootsy Girls Shirts.  $20-$25

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Bootsy Girls latest album,
“Adventures In La La Land” by visiting either the Itunes or Amazon!

About The Author

Chelcie L. Sedler
I’m an artist and all around Funk disciple! I was recently lucky enough to win a scholarship sponsored by Warwick Bass to Bootsy Collin’s Funky University where I am currently studying and learning the synthesizer. ( purchased a Korg R3). In my spare time I also run an art website where I promote my drawings which are a mix of originals and replica’s.
Bootsy Girls Quote of the WEEK WINNER!! Chelcie Sedler “Everyone deserves a chance, it doesn’t matter who they are, how old they are, what color they are, or what “social category” they are in. I try to make someone’s day in very simple ways, such as complimenting them, or helping them out with a small task. Any opportunity I get to help those in need, I always do my best to somehow, even if in a small way, make their world a better place.”
“It is not only important to be beautiful on the outside, it is much more important on the inside, but I believe in the power of beauty illuminating from the inside to the outside.” ~Soule Power

Tribute to Thee Ram Jam which I created

I love you Bootsy Girls!!!!! You make me SMILE! 🙂
— with Soule Power.
Check out Soule Power on Facebook /e-mail: for more info

7 thoughts on “Adventures in LaLa Land: Bootsy Girls’ Mission To Heal & Empower ::FMN Interview::

  1. Hi Patti! You and Bootsy were on my flight from LAX to Cincinnati last Tuesday. You gave me a card with your information on it as you were deplaning. What a wonderful organization you have. I wish that I had talked to you, but I never want to bother celebraties on my flights. There is another organization called “Kenzie’s Closet” in Cincinnati. They make high school prom dresses & related accessories available to students who can’t afford them so that no young woman in Cincinnati will have to miss her prom because of family financial limitations. If you would be interested in donating to this organization, please give me a call. My home number is (513)831-1791. Thank you so much for your consideration. Pam Kirby, Delta Flight Attendant

    1. Hi Pam, it’s nice to hear from you. I am familiar with Kenzie’s Closet. As our organization grows perhaps we could partner together to raise money for both of our causes. Bootsy Girl Strong, Patti

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