Brand new soul from Daptone Records- Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

Daptone Records has been bringing older soul singers to light with fantastic backing music provided by the Dap Kings, much in the production-house style of Motown and Stax- and, have probably recreated the vintage feeling better than anyone since then. Singers who may have gone unnoticed in the era of the genre’s conception have only aged with more to tell, we learn when we sit down for a video like this.

Perhaps the most known acts Daptone carries are Amy Winehouse (who, though young, possessed a timeless talent and died earlier this year) and the Sharon Jones, who, in her late 50’s, still burns up a stage, belting tunes and demonstrating traditional dances of her African and Native American heritage. 

Real music is for real people, of all colors, places, and ages.  So for all you who still can’t resist gritty and emotional revelations cried from a raspy-voiced, broken hearted man, may we introduce Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band. This old-souled music video was released today by DaptoneRecords on Youtube. If you dig ’em, also enjoy the next video, “Ladies” from Truth & Soul Records’ Lee Fields & The Expressions.

2 thoughts on “Brand new soul from Daptone Records- Charles Bradley & The Menahan Street Band

  1. Please, don’t make Miss Jones older than she actually is :)) She’s something like mid-50’s. Not a big deal but still, with a lady, you got to be careful 🙂

    Anyway, if you have the chance to see one of them Daptone acts, run and go ! They’re all excellent !

    1. When I met Sharon in 2007 she was very candid about her age- I didn’t ask but she told me she was 52. Add 4 years… Yes she is in her mid50s- but no way can I make her old- the point of this article is to prove that with age comes betterment! And that it doesnt matter what age you are when you have a timeless talent. Anyways if Sharon felt insulted she has more energy than anyone I know to run over here and set me straight! Its all respect man. I’m a huge fan and think its awesome she has worked so long underground and finally given her big break with the nastiest group in Brooklyn!!

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