Scenes from Rock n Roll Resort 1.5
>>> Note: The next is rumored to occur in late March or April- we will let you know more when details are released! <<<

In scenic upstate New York, on the weekend following Thanksgiving, it was a scene of sinners and saints as both Rock n Roll Resort fans and a massive church retreat occupied a hotel in the middle of nowhere (or, more specifically, Kerhonkson) to praise and elevate the way we both, respectively, know how.

It was a peaceful, fun, family-vibe event, with lots of friendly fans mingling with their favorite musicians. Even dogs were allowed, which was a great excuse for perusing the mini golf center and grounds.

Each of the bands played small theatres, making every concert an intimate experience where everyone was connected. The lobby was a vending grounds and a small performance area where the party went on with all-star jamming and dancing til after the sun had risen.

And with tickets 25% for students, my 3-person occupied room with two full beds only cost $450/3= $150 for the whole weekend! That's cheaper than staying at a hotel in most hotels for a couple days anyway, and we were able to have fun at every hour.

So if you can't afford most festivals, don't have a tent and cooler, and just want a nice place to shower and sleep when you're through sweating on the dancefloor and partying it up, Rock n Roll Resort is a definite go-to. Spearheaded by Shannon Plaquet who also is involved in Camp Bisco, Jamcruise, and other festivals, this is an event made with love and seen through with heart, soul and rock n roll!

Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk

Boston based NEPHROK ALL-STARS rocked the house on Saturday night, becoming the catalyst of the weekend. Joined by Jen Durkin of Deep Banana Blackout, sax master Sam Kininger, and guitarists Ian and Ivan Neville, the roof was damn well torn off and party in full funky swing. Nephrok has new music on the way and Funk Music News will be sharing more on that shortly!!

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