::: Screw Buble, Dig These SOULPOWERED Xmas Albums!! :::

Bootsy, Stevie Wonder, Dayve Stewart, Cameo, Mariah Carey, Chuck Berry and of course JAMES BROWN!!!
by Kitty Savage

As the talented yet overplayed Michael Buble tops the charts across geographic boundaries this holiday season, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy some other classic, soulful and funky Christmas albums available. Let’s look at a handful and get your feedback for more.

Dig This!!! CAMEO’s co-founding vocalist Tomi Jenkins has just released a dope “Funky Christmas” song! Visit his site specially designated for picking up his new tunes as XMas gifts, or you can listen to his Myspace player– all these tracks are hot as Hell, but Perfect for the day of the Lord. 

Another worthy recommendation is to download saxophonist Dayve Stewart’s “This Chrismas” album (sampler below). Dayve is the lead of his own band Dayve Stewart & The Vibe and is also sax player for Reverand Al Green’s live band. I was blessed to have received a copy as a gift last Christmas and found myself listening to it all throughout the year. This is the kind of album you put on when drinking egg nog by the fireside with your lover- and Dayve would know. “It’s all about the vibe,” Dayve says when describing how he wants his music to impact listeners. It definitely made my holiday mood deep, sexy and sweet as molasses. Click here to get yours on iTunes for as low as $6.93!

You could also get “In The Funky Groove” with this upbeat compilation perfect for getting the holiday party dancing. Released in 2009 by Strut Records, this is precious collection of rare funk and soul cuts from the 60’s and 70’s! Bands include Funk Machine, JD McDonald, Wild Honey, Harvey Averne and more. And Strut doesn’t just sell the holiday spirit, they give it too- That’s why they let you send a free Christmas track to yourself and to friends from their website!! You & yours will love this album. Sample the tracks if you don’t believe me!

Of course we can’t forget Bootsy Collins’ Christmas IS 4-Ever album. You can buy one for less than ten bucks on Amazon!

And if we’re talking about Bootsy and Christmas, you know that we have Got to give it up to the Godfather. Let us revere the spirit of James Brown this holiday, as we remember the day he passed, on Christmas of 2006. Five years since he’s been gone…. With all he gave, it still feels too long. You know he’s cuttin’ a rug up there with Jesus, who called him home on His own special day. Don’t you go without hearing the many songs he wanted you to hear on this day while gathering with your loved ones!!!

James Brown’s Funky Christmas album boasts 17 songs as addictive as his other tunes. You could also get 22 tracks on The Complete James Brown Christmas collection. While you’re at it, wouldn’t a box set of James Brown make the perfect gift for your funk-loving friend or family member? Like The Man said, “Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something”!!

Stevie Wonder will let you know “What Christmas Means To Me” is that you keep this holiday mix going.  Here’s a live version of that tune from Disney Land.


On a more recent note, Mariah Carey and John Legend have just released a beautiful original song called “When Christmas Comes.” Mariah, who has often been accused of softening her talents over the years, delivers her Minnie Ripperton whistles and belts it out just like the nearly triple-platinum, early 90’s Xmas Mariah album we all know and love.

Let’s chill out with some rum and cider on a little Chuck Berry, while we’re at it. Merry Chistmas, Funkateers, you sure are good to us!!!

Slow it on down again with the Temptations “Silent Night.” You can get thei album, Give Love at Christmas, on Amazon for just 5 bucks!! Not enough tunes for the holidays? Maybe pick up the Best of The Temptations Christmas to satisfy your longing.

There are many more and we can add to this list upon your contributions!!

So, I want to ask you funkateers, what other funky Christmas albums would you recommend?

Leave comments below and share this post with others to spread the good vibe!

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