Give Diz FOnkY Chick Yo’ Munnnnnaayyyyy!!!!

The sexy, curvy, athletic and musical Kim Manning is more than just a rollerskating, melodica-playing funkmomma and singer in P Funk. Kim has been working on her second album “I Am Good People” for the past year and has many of P Funk’s fab crew on the tracks. However, to release the album, Kim needs all the funkateers to bind together and help her reach her goal on Kickstarter in the next week!! If you want to do something to help the funk live on, and help members of P Funk get individual recognition (who doesn’t?), then please donate to Kim’s fund to win ultra-awesome prizes!! Some include autographed CDs and a handmade Prince-style jackets that Kim wore during P Funk concerts!! Own a piece of history and give toward the future of funk. Watch the video and donate this week!! Spread that word and let’s help Kim make her dream come true in time for Christmas. If the goal for the fund is not reached by December 24th, none of the transactions will be processed. It’s up to you, funkateers, let’s make it happen!!!

Donate here —-> Kim’s Campaign <—- And share the link!


I am preparing to release my Second Album and I need your help!

Yes, you are the big record label exec’s, and I can’t do it without YOU! Most of the album was recorded at the Holiday Music Motel in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin, and features tons of my musical friends including Victor de Lorenzo (one of my hero’s from the Violent Femmes), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow), and P-Funk Allstars Jerome Rodgers, Mike (Kidd Funkadelic) Hampton, Danny Bedrosian, and Michael Clip Payne, Tracey Lewis-Clinton, and Eric McFadden. It also features Groovesession, Lantz Lazwell (Wahnderlust) and many of my Steel Bridge Song Fest Buddies.  It’s a wonderful record that is sexy, witty, funky and whimsical and features Kim Manning hits, “Somewhere in a Tuppaware”, “Water Below”, “I am Good People”, and the P-Funk classic “Red Hot Momma”.  We are mixing right now at Making Sausage Music, so all I need is funds to finish the Artwork, Mastering, and Duplication.  My goal is $4000 to do that. There are some great exclusive prizes.  You can take home a bit of TV history, from Flavor of Love outfits to items I wore on the Letterman Show.  You can also get autographed goodies from myself and my friends, such as George Clinton.  Or you can have something more personal, like a skype session with me, Private Yoga Session, or even a private concert! Any lil bit helps, together we can move mountains.

FMN Update: (Dec 21) Over 75% of the goal has been achieved and we have just 3 days left to go to make it happen!! Keep spreading the word!! Thanks so much for your help and support.
FMN Update: (Dec 25) YOU MADE HER XMAS DREAMS COME TRUE, FUNKATEERS!! Kim reached her goal thanks to you!! Now we can’t wait to cover the new album on Funk Music News!!! Stay “tooned!!”

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