LAKESIDE’s Donald Tavie’s “Fantastic Voyage” (RIP 12/18/11)

It is always sad to lose a loved one, especially around the holidays. This morning, Steve Arrington, known for “Just a Touch of Love”  posted on Facebook his condolences toward the Tavie family, for the great Donald Tavie has succumbed to cancer. Let’s reflect on the “Fantastic Voyage” Lakeside has given us over the years, and the many great accomplishments of Tavie, including his more recent solo work featured on Myspace.

The following bio-spec is reposted from this blog

Tavie’ a musical genius and native of Texas migrated to the big city of dreamers – Los Angeles, California when he was five-years old. He attended San Diego Military Academy where he graduated with honors. He became the 1st Black Battalion Commander in the country. These prestigious accomplishments and accolades rewarded him with several choices of universities and colleges from which to attend: West Point, University of Southern California (USC) and UCLA in sports and in academics. But Tavie’s heart burned with desire for another love — the love of music. 

He is an established musician, singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. Tavie’ has teamed up with such celebrity greats as Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Mary J Blige Norman Connors, Bobby Lyle, Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, Gerald Albright, Chaka Khan, Patty LaBelle, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Gap Band, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Kevin Tony and Chante’ Moore. And the Rap Game is in his portfolio, too. Dr. Dre’, LL Cool J, Tupac, Karupt and the late Easy E just to name a few. Tavie’ has made numerous television appearances on award shows such as the Grammy’s, Soul Train Music, MTV and BET Awards. 

He has also been around the world and back again with one of the best Funk groups in the world – LAKESIDE. Tavie’ has been touring the world for the past 23 years playing the keyboards and singing lead. Tavie’ presently owns a recording studio and production company – ANOTHER HIT PRODUCTIONS, LOS ANGELES. He produces his own artists as well as is a certified PROTOOLS – DIGI-DESIGN instructor, the industry’s newest recording format. On record store shelves you will find Tavie’s latest works with Chaka Khan and Prince – COME INTO MY HOUSE, Also jazz producer, Norman Connor’s, ETERNITY, featuring Lisa Fischer, Peabo Bryson, Gerald Albright, Angela Bofil, and Grammy-award winner, Norman Brown. Look for Bobby Lyle’s POWER OF TOUCH which Tavie’ also produced and engineered. Today’s airwaves rotate Tavie’ singing his own work on the Norman Connor’s ETERNITY, songs entitled We’re Still Friends, a Donnie Hathaway classic. 

More about Lakeside (from the official website’s biography)
The Lakeside journey began when a group of high school students from Ohio formed a band made up of talented musicians and a ferocious stamina that has sustained them for more than 27-years. A feat not many bands can boast about. Formerly known as the Ohio Lakeside Express, their travel has taken throughout the world opening for legends like Redd Foxx, Eddie Kendricks and many others.

Recording moguls Motown, ABC and Solars have felt the Lakeside vibe producing many of the “Fantastic Voyage” mega hits that took the music industry by storm. The sound of funk hits such as “All The Way Live”, “Raid” and “Outrageous”, are known to draw people to the dance floor like a magnet to metal. The signature sound of the lead guitar on the hit “Something About That Women”, alarm your funk sensors to take immediate notice!! Lakeside’s soulful ballads demonstrate their versatility, style and perfect mix of vocals and band as recorded on the remake of the Beatle’s classic hit “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. And of course, there is the Lakeside anthem that sets the band apart from all the rest. Brought back by Coolio, “Fantastic Voyage” boast to be the only song to knock Michael Jackson’s “Heartbreak Hotel” from the number one position on the Billboard Charts in 1980. The hit single “Fantastic Voyage”, continues to entertain new and seasoned f

12 thoughts on “LAKESIDE’s Donald Tavie’s “Fantastic Voyage” (RIP 12/18/11)

  1. Did not know him personally but, I married into the family, a great family, my wife always told me about him. Lakeside had a great sound and donald a great voice. my prayers go out to the family and all of the lakeside family that is sadden by this tragedy.

  2. Our loss is Heaven’s gain – thoughts and prayers go out to the family circle — take care and live the beautiful memory of the good times and the music that will go on for ever, as long as there is dance:

  3. my prayers are with the family, may god be with you all,during this time,donald is still with us in spirit,i did have the pleasure of meeting him,god wanted his son back home with him. thank you god for allowing me to know donald, god bless you all………bj stevens. december 27 at 12;30 pm

  4. Sorry to hear of the loss of a fine musician and friend. My prayer’s and condolences go out the the family and going to miss Donald singing”I want to hold you hand”. Long-time friend, Viche, Oklahoma City

  5. Have known Donny (as we called him) since he was young living in Compton. He and my brother were good friends. Donny sang at my wedding (didnt help marriage), and we had great times together. He will be truly missed…My prayers go out to his family..S. Smith

  6. My heart was broken today! I called a producer friend of mine to see if he had a number on Tavie. He shocked me with the news that Tavie had passed! Tav and I worked together on so much music since my children were kids. We worked together from Trevor Lawrence’s studio to Donald’s own studio in Compton. I will miss creating music with Tav, watching the gleam in his eye when we hit onto something outstanding, listening to his ideas, his musical voice, arguing over some finer point of recording, like should I have been trying to record with such a small budget! lol He will live forever in my mind! To any member of his familythat reads this, or someone who knows how to reach any member of Tavie’s family, please call me:
    Michael the Gospel Singer 805 535-9492

  7. He was a great musician and a nice guy. I met him while playing keyboards with the groups Cameo and SOS band. He would always smile and spoke when spoken to. Many prayers to the family you have lost a great guy. God has ganged another angel.
    Edsel Robinson

    1. Wow Edsel, I didnt know you knew Tavie’ he was my friend and i miss him so much. I enjoyed watching him use his God given craft. I miss our convo’s. He will forever live in my heart!

  8. I love uncle donald. we’ve never met but you will always be my uncle, youre never forgotten. all the family misses you everyday!

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