FMN Exlcusive:: Jim Morrison’s “Love Street” Home Set On FIRE!!-Dec 29, 2011-

In shocking news reported to FMN from the crime site, members of The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown (arguably the most innovative supergroup of the century) were present at a fire scene in the Hollywood Hills last night. It was around 1:30 am Pacific time Dec 30th 2011 when the fire erupted in Laurel Canyon, a small artistic community nestled in the Hollywood Hills. The homeowner of Jim Morrison’s former pad was in a peaceful slumber whilst the home became engulfed in flames. The torch swallowed the 3 story home located behind the famous Canyon Store as locals looked on in amazement as the historical home where Morrison’s “Love Street” song for his girlfriend was created, burned just two days prior to the New Year. However, daring and determined Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown percussionist Jeffrey O’Connell was next door to the house when it happened, and hurried to wake the sleeping homeowner. Thankfully, everyone escaped, just as Big Ol’ Nasty’s bassist and founder John Heintz arrived at the scene to meet Jeffrey for a jam. Arson is a likely cause of the accident, as 18 other fires broke out in the area in cars or homes over a short amount of time. The number of injuries or losses from these fires has yet to be determined, and the police are investigating four young men in their twenties as a team of arsonists terrorizing the Hills.

Photo By Uncle Alien

One thought on “FMN Exlcusive:: Jim Morrison’s “Love Street” Home Set On FIRE!!-Dec 29, 2011-

  1. Warning to the syndicate arsonists who torched jim morrisons lair,we will find you and no diamond cover or ego trip announcment is gonna save you. You destroyed Jims home,now your going to be wrapped in curtains,and thrown on your funeral pyre pyramid.

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