RIP, Funk Man Jimmy Castor!

June 23, 1947- January 16, 2012
Ready about his life on Wikipedia.

In news still waiting to be confirmed, the great Jimmy Castor has passed on. Jimmy is known as a singer/saxaphonist and energetic bandleader of his  70’s funk group, the Jimmy Castor Bunch. He also provided pivotal inspiration in hip hop music, which sampled his funky crossover songs. His first album dropped in the golden year of funk, 1972, and “Troglodyte (Cave Man)” became an anthem of the dancefloor, among many more to come over the band’s career. “It’s Just Begun” is sampled “by everyone in hip hop” as Jimmy put it. Most recently Jimmy was sampled by Kanye West on the artists debut album.

Check out this interview excerpt from in 2009. Jimmy describes his group as “a pop funk, r&b act” and that The Jimmy Castor Bunch were “the quintessential group that started hip hop and breakdancing with ‘It’s Just Begun'” and how he felt “shunned” by MTV and VH1 for not having his songs on the Best Dance Songs ever, even though “fans are still interested,” he can’t be “pigeon-holed,” walking away from creatively restrictive label contracts, and the appreciation he desires for his bandmates.
(The whole 90 minute interview can be found right here)

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