Malina Moye Receives Bootsy Girl Guitar; Bootsy Celebrates 15 Yrs with John Lennon Bus

Funk Music News loves the Bootsy Girls project started by Bootsy Collins’ wife Patti, with an intention to influence the self esteem of young ladies everywhere by doing workshops in schools, weekly online contests, and encouraging an ever-growing network of self-proclaimed Bootsy Girls. Bootsy also has his hand in The John Lennon Bus, which is a mobile video/audio recording and post production studio that travels to schools to help music classes produce their own songs and music videos. These works also achieve the objective to boost self esteems of young people and empower their creativity.

Below: a clip of Bootsy at NAAM 2012

As Bootsy celebrated 15 years with the Bus via a Live Stream event on January 20th, he also has honored singer/songwriter/Jimi-inspired-guitarist Malina Moye with a custom Bootsy Girls guitar, for her help in the Bootsy Girls initiative. It’s amazing to see the strategy our funky fore-family is enabling to spread the funk to the youth, whose radio is flooded with watered down pop songs lacking any pocket or soul. Keep it up, Team Bootsy!!

Read the Exclusive Bootsy Girls interview from Funk Music News 2011

Check out Malina’s home page and Follow Malina on Twitter

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