Bootsy Girls’ Patti Collins Asks For Your Help!!

If you have been following Funk Music News since our initial launch in October, you probably know how much we love the Bootsy Girls movement!! Spawned by Patti Collins’ wish to empower the youth to feel as confident as herself and her funky family, and joined by Guitar Sallye and , Bootsy Girls would like to come to a school near you! Patti describes their goals below, but Funk Music News also has an in-depth, exclusive interview with them from a few months back- dig it!

Maybe you have a daughter, niece, or know a young lady who could use a boost of empowerment from some sassy females. If so, dig this letter sent out tonight by Mrs. Collins herself, and have the Bootsy Girls come to your town or city! It takes a village to raise a child and one nation under a groove to make this world a happy place for all.

Dear Bootsy Girls,

First of all, I would like to thank each of you for being apart of The Bootsy Girl Movement.  You are a very important part of our mission of lifting the self esteem of young girls & women around the world, through music & the arts.
The Bootsy Girl team located in Cincinnati, Los Angeles & New York are working diligently on the Bootsy Girl program and funding. Our goal is to come to your city and have a Bootsy Girl Meet & Greet.  There we would have clinics lifting one another up.  An example of the little  girl clinic we had during the summer of 2011 in my hometown last August was a cheerleading clinic.  There we had different stations with instructors (who are all Bootsy Girls by the way).  They taught the girls, etiquette, how to wear their hair,  how to smile, jumps, tumbling, cheers and dance rountines.  The ages of the girls were K-8th grade.  The girls loved it.  At the end of the day we gave out the most spirited award and made each girl a Bootsy Girl by presenting them with  a Bootsy Girl T Shirt.  This was our first fundraiser.  All the proceeds went to the New Richmond Youth  Football Cheerleaders.
In Anaheim, California last week we had a Bootsy Girl Meet & Greet with about 12 lovely ladies.  It was very special.  We had refreshments, gave away Ms. Jessie goodie bags and spent time networking and planning how to move forward with the Bootsy Girl Movement.  Our little girls need us as women to stand up and show them the way.  When we do this,  we are also lifting ourselves up.
I would ask you to spread the word.  Invite your friends to become Bootsy Girls.  Have them check out the website at  One of our goals is to work with the Girl Scouts, and the Boys & Girl Clubs.  If anyone has a direct contact with either of these organizations, please let us know.  We are also seeking sponsorship dollars to make our mission a reality.
Please write us back.  We would love to hear from you and make sure you order your Bootsy Girl T-shirt, if you do not have one already.  Just go to the website!
Finally, I would like to leave you with the Bootsy Girl Unity Prayer:
The love of the 1 enfolds us
The light of the 1 shines upon us
The presence of the 1 surrounds us
The power of the 1 protects us
Wherever we go, the 1 is
Blessings to you,
Peppermint Patti
President of the Bootsy Collins Foundation
Together we are Bootsy Girl Strong!

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