Full Force’s Paul Anthony Discloses Struggle with Cancer on Unsung; FMN Exclusive Interview with brother Bowlegged Lou

As we all anticipated the Unsung special on Full Force to be released January 31, I expected to hear stories of the Anthony brothers’ great success from New Jack Swing group Full Force into becoming notable producers and songwriters for today’s top mainstream talent. While the exclusive interview BowLegged Lou did with Funk Music News/Musenomix in December discussed much of this excitement, Lou kept mum on the topic of his brother’s health issues.
Recently, Full Force’s macho man Paul Anthony George was diagnosed with lymphoma, a cancer which has no cure known to this day.
Thankfully, Lou is a match for donating blood if needed, and Paul has not been phased by the sometimes depressing reactions to such news. Instead, Paul is fighting it out, both for himself and for others. Reportedly, the Anthony family is canvassing cancer research groups and building awareness for the cause. Additionally, Paul is focusing on natural improvements to his diet, exercise, and spirituality, keeping his esteem high through the treatment.
As mentioned, last month FMN recorded a great audio interview with BowLegged Lou on the Cambridge radio station WMBR. Enjoy the archive:

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