Frankie Kash Waddy’s Visionary Art – Ltd. Time To Get Yours!

Frankie Kash Waddy, drummer of P-Funk, has released a colorful collection of his own artwork. Waddy appears to have created all the pieces by photographing his drumming using LED drum sticks and a long camera exposure. Many of the works seem to have metaphysical themes, such as his figure of a pheonix-like bird in colors of fire, or one piece called “Never Look Down” which displays a blue contour of a face looking upward at a beam of light in the sky. There are a total of 7 pieces in the collection and no two are much the same, besides the medium.

One canvas, Cosmic Circumstance, is a joyous cacophony of purple streams of light, cast over the soft image of Frankie’s face behind the sticks- an accidental but stunning self portrait. Still, as a true artist admits that perhaps the art makes its way through him, but not necessarily to his credit, Frankie explains giving over to the creative impulse. “If you release yourself to the spiritual world, that spirit will come through you, and come out in your work. Sometimes you don’t realize it because we’re just vehicles. It’s almost angelic to me; I see an angel there (speaking of Beamin’ Up). I see art is through one’s own interpretation” Frankie describes more of his pieces in short custom videos accompanied to many pieces, revealing inspiration and reflections of the artist.

These pieces are truly stunning and there is a limited supply- in fact, only 100 pieces have been released as of February 15th. Each piece is signed and numbered by Frankie and sent with a certificate of authenticity. Submit your reservation on Frankie’s site to order your own piece of funk history!

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