Ultra Skunky Funky Soul Singer Seeks $1 To Conquer Planet With Psychedelic Music Video

We love to support funky artists’ causes to up the ante on their delivery. Today Jtronius Qwazar, the soul-singin’, sexy-talkin’, big brotha in Boston started his modest Kickstarter campaign. Seeing to generate funds for a fresh new video, Jtronius asks y’all to spend a dollar on his mission to pay the sweet souls who make the artistic delivery of their concept.

JTronius has been putting out music videos for years with the Boston/Tokyo feel-good, intelligent hip hop group Agari Crew. In the past couple of years the group has stretched out due to two little Agari babies being born (Alexander & Unice) and in effect, Jtronius continued the good vibes solo while supporting hsi admiring young daughter Iloni. He has released two solo videos in the past since September, one animated, which his fan Bootsy Collins commended as “Straight space-cyber pimpin’ baba!” Dig what he was feelin in “SpaceCaddilacInMyCaliRide” below:

Also receiving pleasant feedback from funkateers, “Magic” below:

Click here to throw some sugah’ in the plate!


Let’s keep it going for Jtronius!! Those soulful harmonies and hot beats would be so well paired with a new video!! Donate a dolla!!

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