Bobby Womack Battling Pneumonia; On the Verge of Gettin’ It On….

Please read the March 25th Update on this story; It’s worse than pneumonia.

The great Bobby Womack needs your soul power, funkateers- the legendary singer, songwriter, and producer is getting help at a hospital tonight as he struggles with pneumonia. Bootsy promised his Facebook friends tonight that he’d share updates after talking to Bobby on the phone. Til then, let’s send your good vibes to The Man on his Facebook page!

The timing couldn’t be worse– This illness comes less than two weeks after the artist released the first track of his upcoming solo album — The Bravest Man In The Universe:
Womack has been active touring and recording with the band Gorillaz in recent years, and is well revered for his earlier works in a variety of genres, dating back through the sixties. He is immortally accountable for penning the Rolling Stone’s first smash, “It’s All Over Now”.

Here’s one of my favorite collaborations from ’86, “Teardrops”

“Across 101st Street” may be Bobby’s biggest hit, featured in the feature film of the same name, released in the golden year of funk, 1972. It reached #19 on Billboard charts the following year, and made Bobby a star in his own right. The song was revived in late 90’s pop culture by Quentin Tarantino’s introduction to his blaxploitation flick Jackie Brown, and again in 2007’s American Gangster. Fitting with these themes, the song is used in a True Crime:New York video game.

Indeed it is apparent that Bobby rarely backs down from a challenge, has continued to adapt musically and artistically over six decades, and as the self proclaimed Bravest Man in the Universe, we hope it’s that kind of confidence which will restore his full health shortly!!! We’ll keep you updated– don’t forget to sign up for our updates on the home page before you leave! ❤

Remember, Bravest Man in the Universe is due June 2012, and on June 15th, Bobby is scheduled to let the virgin sets drop in the LoveBox festival!!!

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