Happy Birthday Ouiwey Collins!!!

FMN wishes Ouiwey Collins a happy birthday!! Ouiwey has been through an exciting year of ups and downs, including performing around the world with his pops Bootsy Collins, who affectionately dubs him “lil-Bill”,  and catching bronchitis along the way, landing him in the hospital over the winter.

The funkman got right back up on his mothership, thanks to the support of his family, friends, and fans, who poured their well wishes to him in recovery. And rightly so- Ouiwey’s endless drive and creativity  can’t be stomped! The multi-talented star has developed creative strategies in the new media work for marketing his new jams, often featuring the freshest works in his mini-episodes of reality-inspired, animated musical hilarity. You can subscribe to his cartoons and other videos on Youtube. Dig this one made in honor of incredible American footballer Tim Tebow (also peep for Bootsy & Snoop cartoon cameos):

Dig it? Pop over to iTunes to sample his other tracks, most recently the release “I’m So Fly” from March 2012. Of course The BigHeads had to help pump this one up:

Coming up from Ouiwey, he’s lettin’ it be known he is nowhere near ready to stop the grind. “I Am Here ” song & video are anticipated for the next release.

Below: “lil-Bill” Collins, Bootsy’s lil boy at 8 years old:


One thought on “Happy Birthday Ouiwey Collins!!!

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