Authentic Counterfeit: A Unifying Expression of Popular Music

This band has been lighting up the main strip of Boston’s musical heart on Boylston Street, across from the landmark Prudential Center on spotty weekday nights. It’s easy to know if they’re out there- you’ll see the crowds and hear the funk, jazz, and fusion “aural chaos” as they prefer to call it.

To be fair, there are a lot of jazz/fusion bands in this part of the city. It’s hard to walk down a street in Back Bay and not hear some sultry tones pouring out of windows, blending together to make the sonic landscape of the area so colorful. But this band does stand out. And they are one of the only full bands in the area to stand up and perform on the street. Or at least, they have been the leader of the pack this year for Boylston St, where both elite visitors of the Mandarin Hotel and the likes of drunken frat boys tend to share the clean streets. It’s nice to see both audiences joined to check out the blending of tastes and musical styles. With a mission to “overcome the barriers [of musical genre] set up by the established order, in hopes of creating a new wave of musical enlightenment,” it is easy to see how the gentlemen are so comfortable switching gears from the funk into hardcore, techno, or pop music.


Though some other bands have recently been moving in on their street performance nook, trying to emulate the success of this “sweet spot” for the band, none are finding the same response from the pedestrians as Authentic Counterfeit has. Masses gather around these guys like swarms of amorous bees as their sweet tenor sax (Carl Catron) takes leads that feel like taking swimming lessons in pools of honey.

I hope to see more great things come from this young Berklee band and what lay ahead for bandleader Carl.  Dig their freshest Youtube cover of Bruno Mars’ “Nothin’ On You” below to feel me on that sax-y yumminess:

Dig ’em? Stay tuned with their Facebook page! (That’s where the pics below came from)

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