Dirty Virginia Funk……”Son of Something Nasty” Album Released & Streaming TODAY 4/27/12!

The Fielding Mellish is a young band from Virginia, featuring a contributor to FMN, bassist Bryce Quinn. Bryce interviewed Norwood Fisher for Funk Music News just before the funk-punk legend graced Bass Guitar magazine’s cover in January! You can find the recording of the conversation here. Today his band releases their debut album, and here we take an honest listen and review. 

With tinges of Prince, P-Funk (“Funk With No Toothpaste”), Les Claypool and some hardcore insanity reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine (“Will you Settle For Something Nasty?”), the Son of Something Nasty 14-track album is extremely diverse and arranged to bring the listener from the heights of angst into the depths of chill, back up to a riotous liberty. One hand-clapping jam “Take Your Time” is a funny take on an optimistic bachelor with no luck, and leans more into a new breed of rock/R&B. The falsetto backups really color this track up, and lend a Funkadelic spirit to many tracks. On “Eugene’s Levee” you can’t help but think of the delivery of The Pharcyde or even Dirty Ol’ Bastard, with quirky clunking keys and flamboyant rhymes leading into grinding guitar choruses. And we ain’t even all the way through! But let’s keep some of this Nasty unspoiled and let you experience the rest of the album’s blues, poetry, rock, operatic swoonery, rap, funk, and whatever else they’ve got in that trunk. And for only $8, you’ll be happy to snag this deal for your on-the-go playlist.

This music sounds made for a killer live show, if you want to headbang the winter out of your mind and get ready to sweat through the summer. If you’re looking to book the band, email bryce.quinn1@gmail.com.

A perfect party album for the summertime. FMN gives this album 5 stars!


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