Authentic Counterfeit’s Kickstarter Countdown!

by Kitty Savage

You funkateers loved the post we did revealing Boston street fusion band Authentic Counterfeit, so when sax player Carl Catron asked me to help out sharing his Kickstarter, I thought, why not? This band is on it’s way up and now it needs that same enthusiastic support you showed for the last story– this time, by kicking a few (or more) bucks their way to help them with the following goals, in their own words:

“It’s been many years in the making, but Authentic Counterfeit is FINALLY going on tour. Our recent music videos, have put a bit of wind in our sails and we are looking to see where it takes us. We’ve received a lot of offers, but due to amount of shows we could schedule short notice, we’ve decided to go do our FIRST tour, in ITALY. And with your support, we know that this will be a major success for us 🙂

We are 8 musicians from different ethnic backgrounds, ages, and locations on this earth, all united under the idea of making good music with soul.

Your Pledge will help fund our leftover expenses, such as food, intermittent travel to cities in Italy, shipping of gear, extra gear as carry-on’s, and some days of lodging. Also the Documentary itself will chronicle our journey over there, our adventures while there, and our thoughts and reflections afterward. Allowing you to see into a band’s transformation after an experience such as this.

Our goal of $4,000 will help us meet many of our goals there. Keep in mind this is just what is needed as a bare minimum for us. Any above this would go into the studio costs, editing, end etc. Any donation from $1 – infinity is valued by all of us.

We tried to come up with rewards we felt you would really love that would also be reasonable for your pledge amount.

Please keep in mind that we must reach our goal of $4,000 for this project to be a success. Otherwise we don’t make a dime(all moneys are then refunded to you, the donor).

We hope that you will unite with us as we chase this dream that has been a long time in the making. This is but a a small step, but we are well aware of the impact it could have on our future(s). Thank you so much for the love and support. Much Love from all of us at Authentic. 🙂 ”

Here are two of their recent music videos to enjoy while grabbing your wallet to pitch in!

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page & make a donation!


One thought on “Authentic Counterfeit’s Kickstarter Countdown!

  1. Thank you so much Funk Music News. Thanks to you and your support we ARE touring Italy this summer. I’ll make sure to share photos and video with your from the tour. Thank you so much. Much love from the band, and me personally…-Carl Catron, of Authentic Counterfeit

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