Happy Birthday to Bowlegged Lou!! — 60 Years Old? “If you say so”

“Correction”  from  Bowlegged Lou as of June 28, 1am— We made a “mistake” by saying Lou was turning 60 years old, and would like to clear the rumor. The “60-years old” comments in his video of celebrity birthday shout-outs were just said “in jest,” the new jack swing legend insists. He is “NOT 60”! In fact, Lou wrote FMN with humored spirits and the proper correction– He said that last year he turned 32 , and on this b-day, he turned 28! YOU put it together! Any more questions? LOL. I guess we can leave this funky creature’s age alone. His contributions to our music culture are timeless, and that’s what really matters!! Just see below to get the skinny.

The actor who will “kick your f—-ing ass”, the dancer and musician who claims just what kind of hype he’s down with–hell, let’s just say “Icon” of the early 90’s new jack swing era, Bowlegged Lou celebrated his 60th birthday this week on June 24th. While many people may identify him from his early career moves in the spotlight, Lou is behind the scenes more these days, evolving today’s popular music as a songwriter and producer to R&B, pop and hip hop superstars with his brother and long-time collaborator Paul Anthony, who was also a member of the group Full Force. The two have worked with the likes of Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, BlackEyed Peas, Rihanna, and many more.

Here’s a little bday package for your Lou-Out: a video shoutout from Lou’s famously funky friends, the exclusive Funk Music News audio interview with Lou from December, and the Unsung television episode from January on TVOne.

Video Birthday Shoutout

(A voice that sounds like) Obama even promises to sing some Full Force publicly, “like [he] did with the Al Green song.” 

Exclusive Funk Music News/Museonomix Radio Interview – December 2011

(Note: If you want to skip the music mix, the interview starts at about 20min in.)

Unsung – January 2012

Bonus Audio Interview with Lady Charmaine!! Added June 28th.

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