The Bar-Kays Countdown to New Album Fundraiser: 15 Days To Go!!

by Kitty Savage

The (legendary) Bar Kays are counting on their fans to keep their funk alive this month. The group, who started their thang up in ’66, was known for churning out fierce funk hits like “Son of Shaft” (below) and “Soulfinger,” which appeared in 2007’s Superbad film. The reformed group has recently teamed with hip-hop producer Jazze Pha, who is the son of founding member James Alexander, to refresh their funk with a brand new blast. To release their new album, the men are counting on their loyal fanbase to help raise the horns for this treasured endeavor. With only 16 days left on the clock, it’s time to start planning your own private dinner with the masters– or how about a private show? Maybe you are getting wed and need to make sure those bells ring with authentic style. There are a whole host of prizes available for donations. Check them out on the official fundraising page.

Who can forget the Wattstax performance from these powerhouse brothers? 

Take it from the brothers themselves, who have written the following letter for their fans supporting their new goal:

30th Career Album

We’re making a new record and want to invite you along for the ride.
 Have you ever dreamed of being a part of music history? Well, here’s your chance to write your name in the story by being a part of the new Bar-Kays album release.
The Bar-Kays have been around since 1966. Our careers have been filled with one rebirth after another. We were the backing band of Soul music for two decades – from Otis Redding and Carla Thomas to Isaac Hayes; we lived it! In the 1970’s and 80’s our live show prompted others to shake off their stuffy suits. It wasn’t shocking to see Prince or Rick James in the audience picking up wardrobe insight. In the 1990’s we became a favorite to a new generation as artists like Coolio and Will Smith sampled our music.
Through it all the Bar-Kays keep doing what we know best: fun. We offer our soulful, funky sound to a world looking for a solid backbeat and some good time music to forget their troubles.
In 2012, we will release our 30th career album and we want you to be a part of helping us bring the funk and bump to the world. We’ve recorded our new single “Grown Folks”. It was produced by Jazze Pha, one of hip-hop’s leading producers and son of Bar-Kays founder, James Alexander. Pledge now and you can be a part of capturing this historical moment as we invite special guests to perform on the record and offer you exclusive pictures, videos & mp3s throughout the process.
We want you to come inside the world of the Bar-Kays. Pledge $10 or more today and you can get limited edition commemorative gifts and even be a part our story. We’ll give you lots of updates along the way with exclusive content, including song demos and much more.
To sum it up:
Pledge $10+ and get a digital download of the new album before anyone else + access to exclusive updates. 
Pledge on any item $25+ and get a digital download of the new Bar-Kays EP (available only through this project and standard retail outlets for a limited time) in addition to the new album download & exclusive updates.
Pledge on any item $100+ and submit your very own suggestion for the new album title in addition to the new album download, exclusive updates & download of the new Bar-Kays EP.

Be a part of soul music history. Let’s make this album together.

Funktastically yours,

James Alexander and Larry Dodson”

Click here to learn more and Donate today! 

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