The Bar-Kays’ New Song, Video & EP! Out Now!!

The day has finally come! The Bar-Kays have released a fresh new collection of tunes, with an all-star cast of featured vocalists including George Clinton, Eightball, Dj Paul from Three 6 Mafia and Jazze Pha. The new EP is available NOW on iTunes and in Walmarts around the country. Download the album and share your thoughts here for the guys to see!

[Click here to sample songs & buy on iTunes]

Just a couple of months ago, Funk Music News was featuring The Bar-Kays online fundraiser for the completion of this effort. Although the goal was not met on Kickstarter and therefore none of the monies donated were received, the guys managed to pull it off and get their work released. Here is the official music video for the title song “Grown Folks.” It is a decidedly more R&B flavor than the funk-thumping hits of the past, yet feels perfectly contemporary, non-evasive and chart-worthy as many of the radio hits today. Dare I say, even more. It is certainly much different from the days of shakin’ the rump, so best to have an open mind on this new sound James Alexander is leading the group in. Perhaps then, the title “Grown Folks” is suitable in a culture where so much of romance has seemed to fly over the youth’s heads since the radio death of solid, sensual R&B. This is the type of tune you get the candles and bubble bath out for! But not exactly the funk of Bar-Kays that we have known til now.

James Alexander, the only remaining original member of the band, is counting on the support of all of us funkateers to lift this project to its utmost potential. So take a minute to “Like” the band’s page, and keep an eye out for more exciting news following the release of this unmistakably coveted project! Make sure to request “Grown Folks” to your local radio stations!

And now for a blast from the past— this video will explain what happened with the rest of the band members on an ill-fated tour with Otis Redding. TV One’s Unsung seriously needs to share these stories from some of the most prolific funk-men in history. And to keep on funkin’ through the storms, baba, now that’s beautiful.

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