Funky Flick Throwback; Sugar Hill (1974)


A little late for Halloween, yes…. but… Looking for a fun and freaky flick, with one of the fusion-funkiest film scores on earth? Check out 1974’s Sugar Hill, a film about a woman avenging her lover’s death with an army of undead. It also stars Zara Cully, who played Mama Jefferson in The Jeffersons! (Possible) influences of this flick are how The Sugar Hill Gang was named by Sylvia Robinson of Sugar Hill Records in 1981, and perhaps the Dark One’s zombie brides sparked George Clinton to produce his P-Funk spin-off, The Brides of Funkenstein, a couple years after the film was released by AIP (though it was predominantly referencing The Bride of Frankenstein film released in 1935). AIP also produced Blacula, Scream Blacula Scream, and Blacenstein, all of the horror/blaxploitation genre which they pioneered. In any case, the hypnotic film score by Dino Fekaris and Nick Zesses will draw you in and the butterfly collars and polyester suits will dazzle the eyes, as Miss Sugar goes to town on the mobsters who murdered her man!!

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