L*A*W Remembering Omar Chandler

From L*A*W, RAW Artist of the Year 2012:

Ladies & Gentlemen..WE LOSE YET ANOTHER ONE
Harlem’s own & Apollo Theater Legend Omar Chandler (RIP)

To real Hip-Hop heads, he’s known as the voice singing the classic Frankie Beverly hook for the Rob Base Jam “Joy & Pain”….But to us Apollo Theater regulars, he was known as the dude with the raspy Golden pipes that put him & the late master vocalist David Peaston in constant competition with each other…Though David was technically the better singer, Omar’s sex appeal & stage presence combined with a Teddy Pendergrass vocal edge made him a force to be reckoned with & multiple Apollo Theater winner

Though I saw him twice on the regular Apollo Amateur Night On Wednesday, I remember as a kid when Omar hit the stage on the televised “Showtime At The Apollo” to sing Marvin Gaye “Let’s Get It On”…Unlike most contestants, he was very confident and ready to hit the stage…and when he did, it was pandemonium…Not soon after, Omar was appearing in songs & videos with artists like Shelly Thunder, Audrey Wheeler & Rob Base & even put out a couple of moderate successful albums of his own. It made me feel good to see singers I knew go from rocking the local national stage to being in demand from some of the industry’s best.Up until his untimely death, he was still doing some NYC shows of his own as well as doing spot dates with Rob Base….HE WILL BE MISSED !!!


5 thoughts on “L*A*W Remembering Omar Chandler

  1. Omar Chandler will truly be missed he was a mentor he was a friend Omar always stressed positivity in the music that he wrote an sung from his earliest work 2 his latest work through him I met people and went places that I never thought that I’d go being a kid from South Carolina he had a hustler mentality wit a heart the size of New York Rest in peace Omar (boc the voice)

  2. First time I met Omar was in 1987 when Davey Simmons was managing him. Davy and my friend Roxy Davis really supported Omar to the fullest, and they were the official hiphop couple. I have great memories of him in the studio with Donald Dee Bowden and I and will always remember the kind words. I remember when he would just bust out and sing and hit those notes. His voice is heard on Rob Base songs. Although Kyle Rifkin is singing with Rob, he had to follow in some big shoes. RIP OMAR. THE WAY HE LEFT US NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO ENDURE. WHEN ARE WE AS A PEOPLE GOING TO STOP KILLING EACH OTHER AND HURTING EACH OTHER

  3. Wonderful Testimony, you’re always on point you could only find these stories on a site like this because we have people like you Mr. Worrell keeping us on point!

  4. I just recently went back to find an old radio interview by Omar Chandler, and because the interview was not finished, I was doing review work to make the interview timely when I came across articles of his death. I am deeply sadden. He was a very nice and talented guy. The Interview took place on August 12, 2012, and will soon be available at http://www.G-Tubenetwork.com, which is still being built. We wish his family well and Omar will forever be missed.

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