BOOTSY’s Kickstarter for a National Tour!! (Ends Oct 2 ’13)

1233420_10153203160210524_991524457_nTime to give a funk!!! Bootsy and crew are having an epic fundraiser to bring the funk all around the world!! Prizes include a bling’d out bass from Bootsy, an opening spot for your band at a Bootsy concert, producer credits on the upcoming album, t-shirts, albums, advertising opportunities on the bus/dvd and more!! Bootsy and Peppermint-Patti always think of others and give to charitable and funk-worthy causes, such as empowering young women with Bootsy Girls, or sponsoring the John Lennon bus that allows kids to produce their own music videos with 24hr turnaround, teaching them the world of production. If you want to help Bootsy, professor of the funk, to educate the masses on the REAL funk experience, head over to the page and contribute!! ♥ Let’s support this Groovement from the ground up!

Click, Donate & Share the link below to keep this party movin’!!!c836c06362e0d3b9a9ec91881124f478_large

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