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Greetings, Funkateers, and welcome to Funk-MusicNews.com!! This site is my dedication to keeping the funk alive. It was taken over by myself, Kitty Savage, in October 2011, with the belief that by educating others about the evolution of funk music and its players, a deeper and ever growing passion for music and community can be shared between its fans. Since then FMN has published more than 160 posts of golden funkbits of news for the fans and has worked to bring the community closer with these stories we share. By exercising the support of an extensive personal funk band network from my days as a sound engineer, music marketer and concert promoter, I’ve had an advantage in getting news out first, and producing original story ideas for 2011, 2012, and 2013. From here all I want to do is see the project grow, and to have you funkateers grow with me. If you would like to be an official contributor to Funk-MusicNews.com, please send me an email with the subject “FMN ACCESS” and I will put you on the list to have direct access into making posts on the site, of which you’d be permitted to create one weekly release for as long as you please. Don’t forget to share the stories you find here with all your funky Facebook and Twitter friends! The funk is kept alive by its keepers, believe that!! ❤ Kitty

President/Chief Editor: Kitty Savage



Thank you to all Funk-MusicNews.com’s Past & Present Contributors:

Bryce Quinn (Norwood Fisher interview)

Dana Scott Turner/ Musenomix radio show (Dawn Silva & Bowlegged Lou interviews)

Chelcie Sedler (aka Soule Power)

                            Bootsy Girls Interview: http://tinyurl.com/6orf7rk

                            Video- Funktography of Bootsy Collins:http://tinyurl.com/85hhvwg

Chloe Pappas (The Brides of Funkenstein concert review)

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